Intuitive Craniosacral therapy Asheville

Intuitive Craniosacral therapy Asheville

Craniosacral Therapy Asheville
Grace Wormwood, BA, LMBT

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  • Intuitive CranioSacral Therapy

    Combining the brilliance of Craniosacral Therapy with intuitive healing methods such as Reiki, Somato-Emotional Balancing, and other Energy Medicine modalities works on the energetic and structural systems that govern your physical body – the brain and nervous system, as well as other central governing systems. This is a strategic position to work from that improves communication between all the aspects of being (the body, mind, heart, and spirit). Therefore, working in the craniosacral and central governing systems efficiently facilitates harmonizing your physical being to your spirit.

    Open mind
    Open heart
    Balanced being
    Pain released
    Dis-ease transformed to ease
    Tension relaxed
    Physical existence aligned to Higher Self

    Some philosophical musings...
    When your physical self and your subtle bodies are aligned to your spirit and your purpose, you are the EMBODIMENT of your TRUE SELF. This is the path of healing and the power of "truly living". This is the gift you are to yourself, and to the world.

    When you are not aligned body, mind, and heart to spirit, then you suffer. You may experience your suffering physically, through pain, injuries, illnesses, or syndromes. You may experience your suffering emotionally, in relationships, psychologically, or as “blocks” to creativity or performance. In whatever way you experience pain or reduced function, your core being is inviting you to have awareness of a dis-harmony in your embodiment that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE.

    Remember, what ails you is what heals you most. Through your dis-ease and dis-harmony you find your path to ease and to harmony. It is one of the ways you are invited to create greater good. But when you are in pain, it can be hard to remember this principle. Pain is fear, and fear blocks knowing and positive action. When you turn from pain and fear, which are contractive, to love and creative action, which are expansive, then you open the channels of healing and power. You become united with a Higher Purpose, which opens you to ease in living, better balance, more joy and peace.


    Imbalances within the craniosacral system itself impact the optimal functioning of the entire nervous system and other governing systems. Imbalances and restrictions can produce symptoms elsewhere in the body, or in our behaviors, emotions, and thinking.

    Likewise, just as imbalances within this core structure can radiate out into the greater body and being, events and injuries experienced by the body, spirit, or psyche will cause disrupted functioning of the nervous system and its structures. When issues of health and vital living are addressed using a wholistic Body-Energy approach (such as CST, SER, and EMT), the improvements happen locally ("problem areas"), at the core, and globally in the whole body/whole being. Therefore, improvements are made in a way that supports lasting, long term results.

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    The healing process is a journey that takes us ever deeper into ourselves, sometimes involving discovering old patterns or injuries that we thought were no longer affecting us.