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Grace Wormwood BA, LMBT
Craniosacral Therapy Asheville

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Local Holistic & Energy Medicine Practitioners
Clarity Acupuncture
Sarah Thomas, LAc, specializes in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and holistic healthcare.
Waterleaf Naturopathic
Drs. Leslie Meyers, ND, and Emily Colwell, ND MSSW, offer treatments that can include nutrition and lifestyle counseling, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, EFT (tapping), energetic medicine, and other modalities. Treatments are designed uniquely for each individual.
Family to Family
The physicians at Family To Family are board-certified in family medicine, holistic integrative medicine, and trained in functional medicine. They support your unique health needs with a compassionate and thorough approach for all stages of your life.
Dr. Charles Harpe, MD, is an internist and fitness expert, providing support to bridge the transition "from industrial medicine to natural health".

Renew Inspire Empower
Deborah Hellman specializes in the Akashic Records. In 1994 she learned to open the Akashic Records with a Sacred Prayer from Mayan Lineage and trained as a consultant to read people’s Records.
More about CranioSacral Therapy
John Upledger Workin Wonders with CST
The book is a great read for anyone interested in alternative ways to reduce pain and enhance the body's functioning.
Upledger Institute
Founded by John E. Upledger, they offer workshops and clinical services in craniosacral therapy and other techniques.
ExactSeek: Relevant Web Search
Healing fun in the AVL area
Stillpoint Wellness
a flotation tank experience.
The Asheville Movement Collective (AMC) hosts weekly "dance waves" that offer opportunities for personal transformation through movement. AMC mission: Inspiring authenticity and healthy community through free-form dance.

Asheville Table Tennis
Exercise and diet and mental diversity are the anchors of good health. Table Tennis has proven to be an excellent body/mind activity for all ages. Asheville club welcomes all.
Books and other holistically-minded resources