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Grace Wormwood, BA, LMBT


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Grace Wormwood
I was a total non-believer when I walked through the doors on the first day, but after just one session with Grace Wormwood I could actually feel a difference in my condition. Something I have not been able to get from doctors for the past three years. Highly recommended!

Grace is a true healer
Grace is gifted at what she does. I truly have more faith in Grace's healing abilities than modern medicine. Where they have failed, she is healing. She pin-pointed specific things that I had not even told her about. I don't know how she does it, but I am ever so grateful to her. I had 50% improvement after one session. I believe I am on the way to be fully healed by Grace, not pain medications. ;-) Grace is a gift to many.
Christy G.

Cranio with Grace
Grace is very skilled and very intuitive, and I have benefited from my sessions with her. I highly recommend her!
Carolyn C.

Treatment with Grace
Grace Wormwood really holds the space for deep healing. Way more than just bodywork. Much appreciated.
Mark Hoch, MD

Working with Grace
I've had many appointments with Grace, CranioSacral, Lymph Drainage and Energy Medicine. She is by far the best energy therapist I have been to. She is so intuitive and knows exactly what is needed. She is caring and sensitive and I would highly recommend her!
Diane West

I didn't know what to expect from CranioSacral work or Lymph Drainage Therapy, but knew I needed help moving beyond my experience of tick disease-related symptoms. I don't what to call the powerful earthquake of an experience I had with Grace, but powerful it was. I've been feeling worlds better since and intend to return to continue working to the other side of the health crisis that has shaped my last two years. Grace is wonderful!
A. S.

Cranio-Sacral Treatment
Grace is a gifted CranioSacral healer. The Center is welcoming and beautifully designed for comfort, safety and caring.
Kendall Hale

Knowledgeable, experienced care
I am on vacation and discovered this holistic center. Grace Wormwood did my cranial work. I can honestly say Grace is one of the most professional therapists I have seen. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful and has the best energy! I am so thankful to have found this wonderful holistic center.
Lisa Jackson

An amazing intro to holistic healing
I decided to try something new to me and and made a very impromptu appointment last Thursday for the same day to have CranioSacral Therapy. I didn't know what to expect, but gained so much valuable information from the hour I spent with Grace. I feel more centered and in tune with my body. And the knowledge she gave me has already served me well as I make life decisions.

. Cranial Sacral First Session
This was my first Cranial Sacral Therapy session ever. I found it quite remarkable. Grace, my therapist, was unmistakably competent, knowledgeable, "tuned in", and deeply connected with the body, the mind, and the non-physical realm, held with a deep knowing of human needs. I had little knowledge of CST when I walked into the Center. I don't know how much more I understand after receiving the work, but I undoubtedly reaped much benefit. I look forward to further sessions!

Exactly what I needed, looking for more.
Everything about the session was first rate. The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxing. Grace provided just what my neck and back needed, and I feel much better after just one session. I look forward to more.
William Taylor

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Just received my first cranial sacral therapy, and I can already tell a big difference in my nervous system. Grace is a wonderful practitioner. I feel very comfortable with her, and I know I will be getting well very soon!!
Valerie McGaughey

Way beyond Cranio-sacral...
Grace is a highly intuitive and gifted Cranio-Sacral practioner and healer. Her gift of sensitivity and skilled practical knowledge of the cranio-sacral system is deep, relaxing and transformative.
Deborah Mills, Medical Intuitive

Great experience
Awesome experience with Grace with craniosacral. She is extremely intuitive, and a wonderful person and practitioner.
Cynthia Greenfield

Grace is the real deal . . .
. . . she listens . . . and inputs into her work, at just the right moments, the useful guidance or suggestions one would hope to have from their therapist/CST practitioner.
Bruce Swanson, DC

Sensitive and Perceptive
I had a Lymph Drainage Therapy session with Grace Wormwood yesterday, which also included some energy work that I requested. Grace is an exceptional therapist, gentle and highly perceptive. She offered a number of helpful insights specific to my issues and took time to write them down for me at the close of the session. I have continued to think today about the ideas we discussed and how they can help me make positive changes. Thank you, Grace!
Anne deBuys

Cranial Sacral with Grace
I always have amazing sessions with Grace. She is an important part of my healing and spiritual journey. She listens to your body and helps you release trauma and pain. The results are more freedom and joy in the body.
Deborah Hellman, Medical Intuitive

Cranial therapy
I had a Cranial Therapy treatment done by Grace. What a wonderful experience. So calming. Grace has a lovely gentle touch....probably like a fairy-dusting. She gave sound advice and explained why I would be smart to have more treatments, and also told me what was really being done to my tissues, and what the difference is with a chiropractor. I will have this cranial therapy again.
Johanna Barr

Quotes I like
grace wormwood

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open." ~B.K.S. Iyengar

“What is called genius is the abundance of life and health” – Henry David Thoreau "CST had already helped me with physical pain. It had also helped me to release trauma from childhood abuse and neglect – psychological pain that I had carried in my body's tissues. Then my little boy began having seizures. With my son, I witnessed profound neurological healing as CST stopped the seizures, decreased autism-related symptoms, and balanced his sensory system. I thought, “Wow! What is this magic" I have to do this!” That afternoon, I went home and registered for the first training course." Grace